Large e-paper whiteboard finds market interest

Large e-paper whiteboard finds market interest

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Electronic ink and e-paper technology provider E Ink (Cambridge, MA) announced its expanding partnership with QuirkLogic Inc. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada), a provider of workplace productivity tools including large-size electronic white boards, to get more creative and reach new markets and geographies.
By Rich Pell


Recently the two companies announced an e-paper enabled large electronic whiteboard called Quilla, featuring the world’s largest ePaper display with a 42” diagonal.

Although the tile looks and writes like paper thanks to integrated touch sensors, the portable and WiFi-enabled board offers full digital capabilities from document storage, to editing, to the sharing of content in real time across the world for encrypted and secure team collaboration.

Users can start a new document or pull up a previous session, update and make changes, and see immediate edits from team members in another location.

“Our strong partnership with QuirkLogic resulted in Quilla, which has been extremely well received in the market,” said Harit Doshi, General Manager, Signage Business, of E Ink. “We are jointly exploring new devices and markets to expand our reach worldwide.”

“Quilla is the result of three-plus years of hard work by dedicated teams that created many, never-before-available hardware and software features,” said Nashir Samanani, QuirkLogic’s founder and CEO. “Our deep collaboration with E Ink resulted in the creation of a unique and valuable ideation solution that the market is seeking.”

QuirkLogic is taking orders now for Quilla and will begin shipping to customers from July 2017. The solution is available individually or in packs of three and five digital writing devices.

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