IoT smart lock ‘bricked’ by software update

IoT smart lock ‘bricked’ by software update

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Highlighting potential issues for IoT devices, a flawed firmware update to a popular Wi-Fi-enabled smart lock resulted in a "fatal error," leaving many users without a functioning lock.
By Rich Pell


According to reports, a wireless update intended for LockState (Denver, CO) 7000i series smart locks was erroneously sent to 6000i models, affecting about 500 units. The update rendered them unable to be locked or unlocked without a physical backup key.

In an email to users, the company confirmed that the issue had affected a “small subset” of its locks. “After a software update was sent to your lock,” the email read, “it failed to reconnect to our web service making a remote fix impossible.”

Users had two options for fixing their locks: return the back portion of their lock to LockState to have the company physically perform the update, or receive a replacement interior lock from the company.

The LockState remotely accessible smart locks allow for keyless entry and remote monitoring. Reports indicate that the affected locks were part of LockState’s Airbnb Host Assist marketing partnership, and that about 200 Airbnb customers were impacted.


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