IoT Security Foundation launches, takes on cybersecurity

By eeNews Europe

The IoTSF is looking to develop best practices for securing smart devices and IoT applications in response to the increasing number of security gaps being exposed and in anticipation of a continued rise in IoT deployments. The non-profit initiative is intended to be vendor neutral, international in scope, and collaborative, and is currently backed by over 30 organizations, including Intel, Broadcom, Vodafone, and BT.

"The opportunity for IoT is staggering," says IoTSF director John Moor. "There are a great many possibilities for businesses in all sectors including manufacturing, transport, health, home, consumer and public services. However, there are ever-real security challenges that accompany those opportunities. It is vital to the adoption of existing and new systems that security is addressed from the start, that it is fit for purpose and it can be managed over the lifecycle of the system."

"Our intention is simple – drive excellence in IoT security," he continues. "By creating a dedicated focus on security, IoTSF aims to be the home for providers, adopters and beneficiaries of IoT products and services. Given the nature of IoT systems, this can only be done by working internationally and with others.”

According to Moor, the IoTSF will be inviting organizations throughout the IoT ecosystem to join the initiative, and intends to work with other IoT alliances and standards bodies to help achieve its goals. The foundation has announced plans for its inaugural conference, to take place December 1, 2015, at Savoy Place in London, where automotive and consumer topics are expected to be prominently featured.

IoT Security Foundation

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