IoT eval kit to expedite smart shipping container rollouts

IoT eval kit to expedite smart shipping container rollouts

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IoT shipping container technology company Loginno has announced an evaluation kit for smart containers.
By Rich Pell


The kit is designed to enable shipping companies to experience smart container functionality, and to “open a dialog about unlocking this new and exciting playground.” The evaluation kit will include a flexible number of the company’s AGAM container “brains,” and the company’s shipper-ready On-Schedule Monitoring software, allowing shipping companies to bring on their shippers of choice to the evaluation process.

The AGAM smart container device is a wide-area communications device with battery life of ten-plus years without recharge, and can be installed as a standard container vent. Designed with both liners and shippers in mind, the AGAM container brain is currently offered as the most fully-featured smart container conversion device, with unique features like a container-vent retrofit, six-sided intrusion detection, two-minute permanent installation, and compatibility with future technologies like the company’s SOLAS VGM on-container weighing.

The “no-strings-attached” evaluation kit for smart containers is available to purchase now from the company.


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