IoT Community, IEEE team to speed global industrial IoT adoption

IoT Community, IEEE team to speed global industrial IoT adoption

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The Internet of Things Community (IoT Community) and the IEEE IoT Initiative technical professional organization have announced a collaboration to accelerate the global adoption of the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).
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The partnership, say the organizations, through a series of collaborative activities is designed to help accelerate the digital transformation of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and to speed the development of IoT for broader adoption across enterprise and industrial sectors. Together, they say, they hope to create a common industry language and framework in the areas of Industrial IoT and Manufacturing; Smart Cities; Precision Agriculture; Healthcare; Security and Privacy; Computing and Information Processing; Communications and Connectivity, and many more.

“Harnessing the power of the Internet of Things is essential for the successful development of digital transformation across enterprise and industrial sectors,” says Heinrich Stüttgen, Chair of the IEEE IoT Initiative. “IEEE looks forward to working with the IoT Community to enhance the development of the Internet of Things and accelerate the progress of digital transformation.”

To achieve this goal, the IoT Community and the IEEE IoT Initiative will share commercial, technical, and standardization insights and explore opportunities for collaboration on technologies, exchange information and expertise, and develop solutions to accelerate the development of the IoT. The result, say the organizations, will be generating a compelling and complete IoT thought leadership, offering enterprises and industry, real-world use cases, and proven best practices.

The IEEE will develop and share training content related to the Internet of Things and the various initiatives. Additionally, the organizations will work to educate industries on the role of the Internet of Things in enterprise and industrial sectors, collaborate on events, and share relevant research and expertise.

As part of the collaboration, IoT Community will host its Second Annual IoT Day Slam 2020, on April 9th, as part of the IEEE’s World Forum on the Internet of Things, taking place April 5-9, 2020 in New Orleans. This is the premier event for the IEEE IoT Initiative, which draws participation from industry, the public sector, and the research community and includes technical papers, tutorials, workshops, and industry sessions designed specifically to advance technologies that are contributing to how IoT can advance technology for humanity.

David Hill, Executive Director of the IoT Community says, “This collaboration will help the two organizations contribute toward a common goal of accelerating the uptake of the IIoT. As new advances like 5G, the edge, and AI are unleashed to enable the IIoT, opportunities and challenges are top of mind with our members, IoT practitioners, and end-users.”

“Ensuring a smooth and secure implementation of these mass evolving technologies is critical,” says Hill. “Capitalizing on the capabilities to educate, influence standards, and highlight successful use cases are just a few of the area both organizations can collaborate with their unique thought leadership is of tremendous value to the overall industry.”

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