Infineon expands R&D activities for SiC products

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

The investment is designed to further develop the semiconductor process technologies, to build state-of-the-art production plants and to expand the existing production, Infineon said according to Austrian media reports. “The silicon carbide technology (SiC), which allows particularly efficient and energy-saving chips, is at a turning point and has enormous potential for growth in the short and medium term,” said Peter Wawer, president of Infineon’s Industrial Power Control Division (IPC).

E-mobility and energy supply, which are most likely to be the customer industries of SiC devices, will grow by at least 20 percent annually over the next five years, Wawer said. Thus, Infineon’s IPC division, which has recorded a turnover of around one billion euros, will now be able to increase the SiC share of its production from zero to one tenth within five years. These products will partly displace classical silicon components; in part, they will open completely new fields of application and markets, the Infineon expert said.

Infineon expects “very high growth potential” in the markets for charging stations for electric cars with significantly faster charging times, inverters for solar energy systems or in the area of uninterrupted power supplies. Here, a marked increase in demand can already be felt, Wawer said.

To this end, Infineon’s Villach facility will now be upgraded with a new global competence center for the new power semiconductor technologies. In the Infineon Group, Villach has a key position for the development and production of semiconductor based on SiC.

For the investment in Villach the Austrian governmental research funding was also a decisive factor, said Infineon-Austria CEO Sabine Herlitschka. In addition to the 30 new jobs in Carinthia, further jobs were generated in the Infineon group as a whole.

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