In-car storage solution targets autonomous vehicle testing

In-car storage solution targets autonomous vehicle testing

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Storage technology company Quantum Corp. (San Jose, CA) has announced that it will demonstrate a high-performance in-vehicle storage offering for autonomous vehicle development at CES 2019 in Las Vegas.
By Rich Pell


The ruggedized, in-vehicle storage solution – called Quantum Mobile Storage – is designed specifically for mobile and remote capture of video and other IoT sensor data, says the company. Designed for environments such as autonomous vehicle development, where a test vehicle can generate several terabytes of video, image, and sensor data each day, it automates the process of offloading data to a StorNext high-performance parallel file system.

“Autonomous vehicle testing generates and captures massive amounts of data to be analyzed in extremely short time frames, and then preserved for long-term reference,” says Mark Pastor, Data Archive Product Director for Quantum. “With our Mobile Storage addition, Quantum delivers a comprehensive infrastructure for capturing, storing, managing, protecting and accessing petabytes or exabytes of test and development data, creating an efficient method for transferring data from the vehicle to the analysis and development environment.”

Quantum Mobile Storage enables a complete autonomous vehicle development workflow and has applications for other mobile storage environments such as rolling stock video on trains and buses, on-site video shoots, as well as military uses, says the company. It has been designed specifically for mobile capture of tens of terabytes of rich data such as video, LIDAR, and RADAR, and for fast transport and automated upload to the datacenter for analysis, editing, protection and archive.

Quantum Mobile Storage is available in a variety of capacity and performance models. Quantum will be hosting demonstrations with its partner AutonomousStuff (Morton, IL), a supplier of integrated autonomous vehicle solutions, at the MGM Grand, Jan. 7-11.

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