High-voltage GaN-based power is focus of Transphorm initiative

High-voltage GaN-based power is focus of Transphorm initiative

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A provider of JEDEC-qualified 650V gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductors, Transphorm (Goleta, CA) formally introduced its Silicon Valley Center of Excellence, an initiative to support its customers in the development of high-voltage-GaN-based power applications.
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Established over the past year, the Center will also build out a technical library consisting of application notes, white papers and open-source reference designs. To that end, a reference design suite for targeted markets (automotive, data center, servo/motor, renewables) is slated as the next release on the Center’s product roadmap.

Products and services released from the Center fall under four primary focus areas: Design Tools, Education, Support, Technical Library. Further, these products and services will reinforce Transphorm’s commitment to high Quality + Reliability (Q+R) standards—enabling customers to build with and maintain confidence in high voltage GaN technology.

“We’ve added over 150 man-years of power management design experience and, with that, the ability to optimize solutions for performance, system cost and manufacturability,” said Mike White, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Transphorm. “Our objective is to be the trusted advisor; we are educating the market on how to design with GaN technology. And, we’re taking a hands-on approach to helping our customers solve their most challenging issues.”

Located in San Jose, Calif., the Center has regional team members worldwide. The staff comprises experienced power supply design engineers and technical marketers with backgrounds in magnetics, noise control, PCB design, Q+R testing, tool development, topologies and other relevant subjects.

Available in Transphorm’s technical library are evaluation kits, reference designs, simulation models (SPICE), topical information such as EMI control methods, high power application concepts, optimization techniques, topology comparisons, but also application notes, design guides, PCB layouts, schematics, and technical white papers.

Transphorm: www.transphormusa.com

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