Handheld sonic imager locates air leaks using sound

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By Rich Pell

The handheld Fluke ii900 Industrial Acoustic Imager enables a maintenance team with minimal training to quickly and accurately locate air, steam, gas, and vacuum leaks in a compressed air system. With its SoundSight technology, says the company, users can see the sound a leak produces, even from a distance, even in noisy industrial environments.

The imager features an user-friendly interface that allows technicians to isolate the frequency of leaking sounds, thereby filtering out background noise. Even during peak production periods, says the company, the team can inspect the entire plant in just a few hours.

A leak location is determined by discerning the direction from which a sound originates by the time delays that occur as the sound passes over an array of microphones. A SoundMap is displayed in color over a visual image allowing for easy visual location. With the full array of microphones, says the company, it is easy to scan a large area and even capture leaks from a distance.

The instrument has a frequency range of 2 kHz to 52 kHz and can detect a 0.005 CFM leak at 100PSI from up to 32.8 feet, depending on ambient conditions. Maximum operating range is up to 164 feet.

For more, see the Fluke ii900 datasheet.

Fluke Corporation


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