Fuel gauge IC suits wearables

Fuel gauge IC suits wearables

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The MAX17055 ModelGauge m5 announced by Maxim Integrated (San Jose, CA) speeds time to market by eliminating the need for battery characterization when designing accurate and low-power host-side battery gauges.
By Rich Pell


Traditionally, fuel gauges required extensive characterization of each battery type, used in specific applications, for attaining good performance. This meant the customer had to perform complicated battery characterization, adding weeks of time and resources to the design cycle.

By offering the an accurate fuel gauge within 1% state of charge (SOC) error for most cases, the MAX17055 allows designers to plan for a shutdown that maximizes the device run-time. The MAX17055 has a low quiescent current of just 7µA in the low power operating mode.

It comes in a 1.4×1.5mm WLP for space constrained applications. Unlike other gas gauges, the MAX17055 does not have a minimum battery size limit, making it suitable for many wearable applications.

Maxim Integrated – www.maximintegrated.com

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