Flexible electronics development kit is open platform

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By Rich Pell

The Royole RoKit combines the company’s flexible display and sensor technologies with programmable hardware into a developer-friendly, all-in-one flexible electronics development kit.

“With RoKit,” says Dr. Bill Liu, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Royole, “every industry can imagine and design with flexibility in mind, unfolding new possibilities for creators and accelerating the development of flexible solutions in all walks of life.”

The RoKit kit adopts modular design, packaging everything needed to develop flexible solutions into an anti-static aluminum alloy briefcase providing protection and convenience for transporting the device. The kit includes:

It only takes five steps to prep the kit for use, says the company, enabling developers and product designers of varying skill levels and technical backgrounds to bring their personalized needs to life in fully flexible form. The Royole RoKit flexible electronics development kit is available for $959.00.

Royole Corporation


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