Eccrine, Maxim collaborate on wearable sweat sensing platform

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By Rich Pell

Eccrine is developing a non-invasive approach to precision medicine based on continuous measurements of drug and biomarker levels excreted in locally stimulated sweat. Personal drug response data is derived from sweat using the company’s electrochemical aptamer-based (EAB) sensor platform.

As sweat flows through the system, targeted drug and biomarker molecules interact with specially selected and modified DNA sequences on the sensor surface and cause a change in current indicating concentrations of the molecules. Continuous measurement of these molecules, says the company, identifies patient responses to drug therapy with the promise of helping prescribers optimize individual dosing requirements more rapidly and cost-effectively.

“Reducing Eccrine’s EAB sensor system to a convenient, cost-effective, wearable format,” says Gavi Begtrup, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of Eccrine, “requires transducing small currents in a noisy environment with low power consumption and high fidelity, all of which are Maxim’s strengths. It’s great to be collaborating with the Maxim team as we invent and develop the use of those sensors for precision pharmacotherapy.”

Shailendra Mahajan, managing director of Maxim Ventures, Maxim’s venture arm, which has invested in Eccrine as part of this collaboration, adds, “From our perspective, Eccrine is an undisputed leader for the continuous monitoring of sweat … Of highest interest is their progress with novel aptamer biosensors.”

“Maxim has a long history of early involvement with innovative sensor modalities that have applications for a broad set of future products,” says Mahajan. “Eccrine’s successful development of aptamer biosensors will have great value to the healthcare industry and eventually other markets.”

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