Design synthesis software improves structural optimization

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By Rich Pell

The GENESIS Structural Optimization for ANSYS Mechanical (GSAM) and GENESIS Topology Optimization for ANSYS Mechanical (GTAM) 2022, says the company, delivers an easy-to-use interface that allows the user to setup structural optimization problems, execute them, post-process them and export the data within the ANSYS environment. The latest versions of GSAM and GTAM introduce structural design optimization for fatigue damage from arbitrary loading cycles, new topology optimization manufacturing constraints to solve complex problems such as curved casting, and the addition of multiple new responses addressing resonance peaks or anti-peaks, and new inertia responses for subsystems.

In addition, GSAM/GTAM is offered as delivering significant performance improvements through increased parallelization to tackle problems with a massive number of constraints. These two new versions, says the company, empower engineers to achieve dramatic improvements in design performance and cost much more quickly than with traditional CAE simulation and analysis. GSAM/GTAM 2022 is designed to eliminate tedious “guess and check” practices that hinder the designing engineer from achieving product design excellence.

“GENESIS 2022 marks the 30th successive major release of our industry-leading design synthesis offering, and the 8th year of the GTAM/GSAM ANSYS extensions release,” says Juan Pablo Leiva, OmniQuest President & GENESIS Lead. “I am so proud of our team’s continued delivery of excellence in GENESIS continuing our commitment to technology innovation and customer-focused enhancement.”

GSAM/GTAM 2022 introduces new features including Fatigue Response, Mode Shape Response, System Inertia Response by Parts/Group, Topology Optimization with Extrusion along a Curved Path, Topology Optimization with Extrusion/Filling along Surface Normal, Topology Optimization with New Frozen Region, and Optimizing ANSYS Stress/Plastic Strain in a Nonlinear Analysis.



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