Delta discontinues older industrial power supplies

Delta discontinues older industrial power supplies

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Delta Elektronika is to discontinue six ranges of industrial power supplies that it has been making for the last 20 to 30 years.
By Christoph Hammerschmidt


Defective units will be repaired for a period of 10 year after production stops at cost proce, says the cokmpany, Spare parts will also be available for 10 years as well. 

“Delta Elektronika designs and manufactures DC power units since 1959 but unfortunately a power supply is seen as a minor part of any equipment and often taken for granted,” said the company. “For many it is just an electronic box ordered at the last moment. It can be compared with our heart. It’s often neglected and we tend to pay even more attention to our hair. But if the heart fails the system goes down.” 

The discontinued industrial supplies are:

  • S280-series
  • 1200S-series
  • 600S-series
  • 240S-series
  • SX-series
  • U-series

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