Cybersecurity firms partner to protect connected IoT devices

Cybersecurity firms partner to protect connected IoT devices
Cybersecurity firms Webroot (Broomfield, CO) and Lynx Software Technologies (San Jose, CA) have partnered with the goal of enabling developers to build advanced threat detection and protection into Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial IoT devices.
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Webroot offers intelligent cybersecurity for endpoints and collective threat intelligence, while Lynx Software Technologies operates in the embedded safety and security software market. With the strategic partnership, the companies are combining their respective security technologies: the Webroot IoT Security Toolkit and Lynx Technology’s LynxSecure Hypervisor.

The Webroot IoT Security Toolkit enables IoT and IIoT system integrators and solution designers to integrate real-time threat intelligence services and intelligent cybersecurity device agents to protect critical systems against modern threats. The LynxSecure Hypervisor from Lynx Software Technologies is a secure virtualisation solution that is based on separation kernel technology, originally designed to separate and protect military networks at different classification levels.

Combining these technologies involves embedding components of the Webroot IoT Security Toolkit inside the LynxSecure Hypervisor secure virtual space. This allows for detection, identification and containment of threats without the constraints or risks inherent in running solutions at the operating system level. Any threats that enter the IoT environment can be quickly identified by Webroot BrightCloud threat intelligence, quarantined using the LynxSecure isolation capabilities, and removed from the system.

"With constantly changing security threats, we need an IoT security solution that adapts to any environment while taking into account the importance of future-proofing and the need for living protection," says Webroot CEO Dick Williams. "As we bring our cloud-based threat intelligence to IoT developers through the Webroot IoT Security Toolkit, we see a very clear alliance with Lynx. By combining our technologies, we’re able to offer a unique solution to protect the connected IoT world from advanced targeted threats."

"The foundational security protection that LynxSecure offers to embedded developers is already being used in IoT systems today," says Gurjot Singh, CEO of Lynx Software Technologies. "By integrating solutions powered by cloud-based threat intelligence from Webroot, we can substantially increase threat awareness and resilience to protect the increasing number of IoT systems that are being connected to the outside world."

Webroot IoT Security Toolkit
LynxSecure Separation Kernel Hypervisor

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