Connectivity solutions for emerging automotive platforms

Connectivity solutions for emerging automotive platforms

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Semiconductor company Skyworks Solutions (Woburn, MA) has introduced a suite of next-generation front-end devices specifically designed for advanced automotive connectivity applications.
By Rich Pell


Based on the company’s SkyOne cellular platform, the new SkyOne Ultra 3.0 wireless solutions are offered as delivering robust, low-latency, high-bandwidth LTE connectivity in addition to extended operating temperature ranges and production lifetimes. The portfolio exceeds LTE CAT 16 requirements, is scalable to 5G new radio standards, and supports all global cellular bands.

“With the introduction of SkyOne Ultra 3.0 for automotive, Skyworks is enabling the full benefit of high-speed data and real-time communication in the connected car,” says Joel King, senior vice president and general manager of mobile solutions for Skyworks. “At a higher level, in-vehicle technologies and rapidly changing standards are being adopted at a pace previously unheard of in the automotive industry – particularly with the advent of 5G and the move toward autonomous driving. Our differentiated portfolio takes seamless connectivity to the next level, making the driving experience increasingly smarter and safer.”

Compatible with all leading chipset providers, SkyOne Ultra 3.0 incorporates the key analog and RF functionality in both transmit and receive paths of LTE communications. Transmit devices contain power amplifier modules with the company’s SkyBlue technology for improved efficiency, as well as integrated duplexers (PAMiDs), low-noise amplifiers (LNAs), and antenna switches.

Diversity receive (DRx) modules combine the necessary components within the LTE receive path including LNAs, filters, and antenna switches. The complete cellular solution is contained in a package of less than 40 mm x 40 mm – a critical element in meeting automotive-qualified network attached device (NAD) reliability requirements.

Further, the connectivity engines can be regionally optimized for North American, European, Chinese and other SKUs. The devices include the following:

For more, see the company’s SkyOne Ultra 3.0 for Automotive page.

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