Communications controller masters all V2X protocols

Communications controller masters all V2X protocols

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In automated communication between vehicles and their environment (V2X), a globally uniform standard is currently lacking. While China is focusing primarily on Cellular V2X technology (C-V2X) based on mobile communications, Europe and the USA are planning to introduce transmission standards based on modified versions of the familiar WiFi standard (DSRC and ITS-G5) in addition to C-V2X. Together with the software manufacturer Veniam, Bosch has developed a solution that could end these conflicts: The system of the two manufacturers masters all relevant standards.
By Christoph Hammerschmidt


In order to bridge the various incompatible radio and protocol standards, Bosch has combined previously separate network and telematics boxes, each capable of only one transmission technology, in a central control unit for V2X data exchange. This means that a car can use the modified WiFi networks of the IEEE 802.11p standard, if available, and otherwise connect via mobile radio, for example. For less time- and security-critical information, the system can even tap into existing public or private WiFi hotspots to transmit its data. The management of protocol diversity is handled by software from Silicon Valley-based start-up Veniam, which uses parameters such as criticality, data volume and even transmission costs to determine and determine the most cost-effective transmission path for each data packet, explained a Bosch spokeswoman.

The Bosch system is available. According to the supplier, the first applications in production vehicles of various OEMs are expected around 2020/201.

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