Circadian lighting study shows tangible benefits

Circadian lighting study shows tangible benefits

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Several years ago, the Rigshospitalet (Copenhagen University Hospital) and the Aarhus University Hospital adopted Chromaviso's Circadian Light system to study the effect of such lighting on patients' mental health, sleep, energy, well-being and overall mood.
By Rich Pell


The project is an interdisciplinary collaboration between clinicians, researchers and lighting experts. The purpose is to improve the lighting conditions and treatment for patients who are hospitalized for depression. Technical University of Denmark and Chief Psychiatrist Klaus Martiny at Rigshospitalet expects the project will give results that will form the guidelines for lighting in psychiatry in the future.

The project is expected to be completed in 2019 but recent surveys performed among doctors, nurses, psychologists, therapists, and others at another Danish psychiatric institution which already adopted such human centric lighting, the Aabenraa Psychiatric Hospital, revealed that the circadian lighting encouraged a calmer, cosier atmosphere and had improved sleep both for patients and for staff.

Aabenraa installed the Ergonomic Circadian Lighting system back in September 2015. The surveys specifically asked about the effects of lighting compared to the old. The idea behind circadian lighting is to mimic the day/night pattern of the sun, providing blue-enriched light during the day and modulating it toward ambers at night, for all to maintain a circadian balance.

From 82 staffers who responded, 77% said patients were calmer; 65% said patients slept better; 57% reported fewer night-time disturbances and 38% even observed a reduction in drug consumption among patients.

The staff also benefitted the human centric lighting directly, 54% of the surveyed feeling more energized, and 47% admitting they were sleeping better.

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