Bluetooth LE SoC steps up integration, flexibility

Bluetooth LE SoC steps up integration, flexibility

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Dialog Semiconductor’s claims for its SmartBond DA14681 include highest performance, lowest power consumption, smallest footprint and lowest system cost for creation of IoT devices, spanning wearables, smart home and other emerging IoT concepts.
By Rich Pell


The DA14681, Dialog says, intelligently balances performance and power efficiency, delivering high-power processing when it’s needed – up to 96 MHz from its ARM Cortex M0 processor – and saving power when it isn’t, by consuming less than 1 µA when in standby. This suits it for managing multi-sensor arrays and enables always-on sensing.

It supports the latest Bluetooth 4.2 standard, and its integrated Power Management Unit (PMU) provides three independent power rails to supply external system components, in addition to an on-chip charger and fuel gauge, allowing DA14681 to recharge batteries over a USB interface. Due to its unique architecture, it is able to power a complete IoT system without the need for additional external power management circuitry.

“The increasing demands of today’s connected devices market calls for an integrated solution that delivers the right balance of high power and efficiency,” said Sean McGrath, SVP and GM Connectivity, Automotive and Industrial Business Group, Dialog Semiconductor. “SmartBond DA14681 is our greatest leap yet in delivering an integrated SoC that meets not only the needs of today’s consumers but tomorrow’s as well, with a design that empowers developers to simply attach a battery or sensors to create a complete IoT device. The DA14681 is already shipping in high volume at tier one OEMs for applications including wearables and virtual reality (VR),” added McGrath.

Joining the company’s DA14680, the DA14681 offers virtually unlimited computing space to software application developers by enabling the latter to expand the size of their code execution space through a flexible external memory interface. It can execute code from an external flash or OTP memory for maximum design freedom, with expandable execution space for applications. To complete the package, Dialog has designed the SoC to feature banking-level security with a dedicated hardware crypto engine to keep personal data safe and enable end-to-end application encryption.

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