Ambient computing platform to enable the ‘Massive IoT’

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By Rich Pell

IoT platform provider Wiliot has announced that it will premier a breakthrough ambient computing technology to the telecommunications industry at MWC 2022. The Wiliot IoT Pixels are stamp-sized computer stickers that cost pennies, attach to any product or packaging, and power themselves using recycled ambient energy waves.

The company says that it has designed and manufactured the new IoT Pixel stickers with computing power, long range communication, and out-of-air energy that deliver pre-standard service to customers. Once attached, and connected to the Wiliot Cloud, companies are equipped with real-time, item-level visibility into every product within their supply chains.

“It’s going to take trillions of connections to solve the world’s biggest challenges,” says Steve Statler, SVP at Wiliot. “Every single thing in our global supply chain – veggies and vaccines, crates and skates, airplane parts and toy airplanes – all connected to the internet and transmitting real-time, item-level information about their location, temperate, fill rate, carbon footprint, and more. This is the IoT we’ve long been promised and now, thanks to breakthroughs in ambient computing, we’re finally positioned to unlock its full potential.”

At MWC 2022, the company will forecast the future of an ambient-powered, 6G-enabled Massive IoT in a presentation titled “6G Ambient Computing Intro: Antidote to Supply Chain & Climate Crises?,” which will be delivered with ABI Research and other key 6G and IoT leaders.

“While 5G tracked cars, appliances, and shipping containers, 6G will track everything in those cars, appliances, and shipping containers – evolving from an Internet of Expensive Things to an Internet of Trillions of Things, or Massive IoT,” say Statler. “The arrival of 6G represents a seminal moment for both the IoT and telecommunications industry, as the latest technologies, standards, and use cases converge to create a new economic order, rising to meet the challenges of supply chain disruption, omnichannel retail, and the threat to the planet.”



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