Amazon secret lab exploring healthcare tech, says report

Amazon secret lab exploring healthcare tech, says report

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Business news network CNBC reports that e-commerce and cloud computing giant Amazon (Seattle, WA) has a secret skunkworks lab called "1492," which is dedicated to health care tech.
By Rich Pell


According to the reports, the lab is focused on new opportunities in health care, including electronic medical record data, telemedicine, and health apps for existing devices. It is said to include both hardware and software projects, and is initially looking at ways to access or send data from/to legacy electronic medical record systems.

Another goal, says CNBC, is the creation of a telemedecine platform. Such a platform could allow, for example, virtual consultations between consumers and doctors.

According to CNBC, at the time of their report, Amazon had been advertising for a variety of roles for its “stealth” operation on a number of jobs sites. These included a position for a “machine learning director with experience in healthcare IT and analytics and a knowledge of electronic medical records.”

Amazon is already involved in the healthcare sector. Amazon Web Services has hired health experts to help handle contracts with hospitals and pharmaceutical vendors, and the company recently invested in an early-stage DNA cancer-testing startup whose deep sequencing technology is likely to require huge amounts of data processing capabilities and storage.

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