AI assistant gives knowledge workers ‘extra set of hands’

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By Rich Pell

Computer technology company Oracle says that machine learning research and product lab Adept is using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and NVIDIA technology to develop a universal AI teammate capable of performing a range of tasks people execute on their computer or on the internet. Running thousands of NVIDIA GPUs on clusters of OCI bare metal compute instances and taking advantage of OCI’s network bandwidth, Adept can train large-scale AI and ML models faster and more economically than before.

As a result, says the company, Adept has been able to rapidly advance its general intelligence roadmap and develop its first product – a rich language interface for the tools knowledge workers use every day to be productive and creative. With OCI as its preferred cloud platform, Adept obtains the scale and high performance necessary to run massive AI models without excessive compute costs, enabling Adept to develop a highly flexible and dynamic natural-language interface for all software that significantly streamlines the tasks knowledge workers execute daily.

As a result, users can ask their computer to perform tedious, difficult, or abstract functions, as well as use the interface to test creative ideas. To fully support Adept with the compute capacity it required, Oracle and NVIDIA customized their offerings to ensure Adept had access to thousands of NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs needed to train its complex models.

Adept, which recently closed a $65 million funding round, is training a giant AI model on OCI using NVIDIA’s most powerful A100 GPUs connected with best-of-breed RoCE network powered by NVIDIA (NICs).

David Luan, chief executive officer, Adept says, “AI continues to rapidly grow in scope but until now, AI models could only read and write text and images; they couldn’t actually execute actions such as designing 3D parts or fetching and analyzing data. With the scalability and computing power of OCI and NVIDIA technology, we are training a neural network to use every software application, website, and API in existence – building on the capabilities that software makers have already created. The universal AI teammate gives employees an ‘extra set of hands’ to create as fast as they think and reduce time spent on manual tasks. This in turn will help their organizations become more productive, and nimble in their decision making.”

“Adept has exciting, bold ambitions for the future of AI,” says Karan Batta, vice president, product management, OCI, “and we’re honored that the company’s team of AI and ML trailblazers recognized OCI’s ability to support highly innovative and compute-heavy projects like Adept’s universal AI assistant. With the combined computing power of OCI and NVIDIA, innovators like Adept are poised to unleash the full potential of AI as a technology that can transform how work is done and make every knowledge worker in the world much more productive.”

Kari Briski, vice president, AI and high-performance computing (HPC) software development kits, NVIDIA adds, “With brilliant minds from DeepMind, OpenAI, and other AI and ML pioneers, Adept is building the next generation of user interfaces for software applications. By working with Oracle to provide Adept with an industry-leading GPU engine and a wide range of AI and ML software tools, we’re making innovative AI systems possible.”



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