AccuWeather, API3 bring weather data direct to blockchain apps

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By Rich Pell

The collaboration provides a seamless Web3 wrapper that enables Web API providers to offer AccuWeather’s weather data directly on-chain. The deal empowers AP13 to deliver the most accurate weather forecast and warning data to decentralized applications (dApps) to benefit users and community members.

“The application and use of AccuWeather’s weather data, leveraged independently on an API oracle, has the potential to make lasting impacts through a range of industries and even in emerging markets,” says AccuWeather Senior Vice President of Business Development, Paul Lentz. “As one of the first major weather data and forecast providers to enter the blockchain space, we have a unique view into the demand and usage of the marketplace which puts us on a strong footing as we explore new opportunities for growth and how we can better serve users.”

By running its own oracle node, say the organizations, AccuWeather will further establish itself as a foundational data provider in the developing dApp space through direct interaction with decentralized developers and data consumers, demonstrating the value, impact and breadth of weather data across various platforms and applications. The technology’s first-party architecture also offers easily scalable solutions as AccuWeather looks to increase data production and delivery to users and communities.

AccuWeather says its partnership with API3 creates a new opportunity to control its own oracle node that serves data to end-users. The newly accessible direct-to-consumer connection is seen as another significant step forward for AccuWeather as an industry-leading innovator and as it establishes its presence in Web3.

With API3’s Airnode Web3 middleware that connects any web API directly to any blockchain application, the AccuWeather API will seamlessly provide Web3 developers with its numerous weather-related endpoints. This data can be leveraged across a number of dApps serving user needs including:

  • Parametric Insurance: For insurance operations automated and processed leveraging blockchain technologies, such as crop protection or travel insurance, accurate weather data identifying a severe natural trigger or pattern is often critical to the efficiency and accuracy of processing claims and providing relief – often in circumstances when time is of the essence.
  • Simulated Metaverse Experiences: As metaverse experiences continue to enhance and more closely emulate real-world occurrences, interactive events based in specific simulated locations will require accurate weather data to bolster realism.
  • Weather Derivatives: Accounting for, and indexing, historical weather patterns and referencing accurate data to predict forthcoming forecasts are key components to the success and accuracy of weather derivatives, and they are impactful for organizations looking to hedge against risks related to significant weather disruption.

For data consumers, the first-party oracle model offers improved user transparency; data is delivered directly from one reputable source versus an intermediary providing aggregated information from anonymous origins, and lower costs for data consumers due to fewer entities involved in the information exchange process (intermediary, additional API providers).

Heikki Vänttinen, co-founder of API3 says, “As legacy organizations and new projects alike turn to blockchain technology to enhance or innovate processes, the need for transparent and reliable data has increased tremendously, and AccuWeather is a prime example of commitment to bringing value to the decentralized space – straight from the source, directly to dApps. We look forward to seeing the positive impacts of the AccuWeather API across all sectors, from insurance to lifelike experiences in the metaverse.”



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