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May 18, 2017 //By Paul Hooper
Monochrome LCDs offer power, cost advantages over color TFT counterparts
Thinking creatively about the needs of the user interface can help meet challenging power and cost targets when designing products for use in environments ranging from homes or offices to cars or factories.

Design from Experience
Some of the most important aspects in the design of a custom display are related to the operating environment. In one recent project; a graphical user interface for a high-end washing machine, the team helped to develop the display which included a direct heat-seal bonded flexi cable, creating a permanent electrical connection between the display and interface board to ensure superior reliability compared to the usual default construction comprising an elastomeric connector and compression bezel. The resulting display proved to be highly resilient when exposed to high humidity, variations in temperature, and motor-related vibration (see figure 3).

Fig 3: Design considerations include humidity, high temperatures and vibration

The performance of the rear polariser has a major influence on the overall visual effect given by the display. A small change in the polariser properties can be easily noticeable.

Close interaction with the overseas manufacturer can help ensure consistent performance and quality, even if the specified materials must be changed. In another recent project, the specified polarising material was made obsolete by the factory’s supplier. Engineers at Anders helped to evaluate alternative materials to identify a replacement that would ensure consistent display performance when combined with the existing LCD and backlight.

A great user experience is a vital feature of any new product entering the market, but so, too, are power consumption and cost. Basing the user interface on a full-colour TFT-LCD could be excessive in most respects and not optimal for all end products.

Today’s monochrome displays can deliver a good impression at lower cost and power, and the opportunity to customise cost-effectively within a well-managed project provides scope to create an even more outstanding result.

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