Getting the Renesas Synergy platform toolchain up and running

March 15, 2018 // By Richard Oed
Getting the Renesas Synergy platform toolchain up and running
In this article we will download and install the two Tools necessary to work on software projects for the Synergy Platform: The e2 studio ISDE and the Synergy Software Package (SSP).

The following paragraphs will outline all the steps necessary and you will find that the installation of both tools is free of any hassle as the installers will take care of everything needed, once you made your selections on what and where to install. Once the installation is done we will perform a short sanity check to ensure that the installation is working.

Just in case you prefer to work with the IAR Embedded Workbench for Renesas Synergy (IAR EW for Synergy) you will find an adapted version of this chapter on the Web.

Introduction to the Synergy Gallery

First step of the installation process is to go to the Synergy Gallery on the web at, which is the convenient single point of access to everything needed for the development of a Synergy application: Development environments, compilers, tools, documentation and support. The complete ecosystem is there at your fingertips. And not only from Renesas, but also from Express Logic, IAR Systems or from the creators of Verified or Qualified Software Add-Ons (QSAs).

To get access it is necessary to register as a user. Registration is straightforward with only a few questions to be answered before access to the site is granted. During the registration process you will also have the opportunity to register your company or organization. This will give you additional benefits as the Company Super User will become available to you, allowing you for example to create any number of software licenses for development and / or production. Note that the first user registering a company becomes the Super User. If your company is already registered, ask your Company Super User to add you to the user database and you are already settled. If you are not sure which registration to use, no worries, as the company registration can be done later on as well. No matter if you register as individual or as company, you will always have full access to the site.

Once registered, a simple log-in will be enough to browse the site and to download any software package immediately. And, everything is accessible from the start-page, so no switching back and forth between different pages is necessary. And just in case, you will need some help or you have a question the web site doesn’t answer, there are plenty of options to contact Renesas for help.

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