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February 11, 2019 //By Tiberius Recean, Parker Chomerics
EMC design in tomorrow’s semi- and fully autonomous vehicles
The car originated as a device for conveying a driver and passengers from A to B at speed with a minimum of effort. For more than 100 years, this concept of the car was extraordinarily popular. Now it has become more complicated.

Here, Parker Chomerics has made a breakthrough with the introduction of its PREMIER PBT-225 product, a single-resin conductive plastic for use in automotive housings. In contrast to the two-pellet (or ‘salt and pepper blend’) conductive resins available elsewhere, PREMIER PBT-225 provides for easy processing and uniform filler dispersion (see Figure 3). As a result, EMI housings made from PBT-225 offer tightly controlled electrical and mechanical performance throughout complex geometries.

Fig. 3: the PREMIER PBT-225 product is supplied as a single resin
which provides for uniform filler dispersion


Attenuation of EMI is good across the spectrum of RF and microwave frequencies, and is as high as 55dB at frequencies between 6GHz and 12GHz. Weight savings of 30% are possible when replacing an equivalent aluminium housing, and the PBT-225 material offers excellent resistance to hydrolysis when exposed to extreme temperatures and humidity.

New era for EMC design in vehicles

This article has described the scale of the challenge facing the designers of next-generation vehicles arising from the increasing use of high-frequency, high-bandwidth communications links and the growing number of electronics modules in the car.

By collaborating early in development projects with a trusted supplier of EMI shielding products, automotive systems designers can ensure that their electronic and mechanical design is optimised for shielding functions, and can take advantage of the latest advances in materials science pioneered by innovators in the field such as Parker Chomerics.

About the author: Tiberius Recean is Sales Manager Automotive (Europe), Parker Chomerics, www.parker.com/chomerics




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