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November 26, 2019 //By M. Bader, J. Holzinger, O. Rohrbacher, Digitaltest GmbH
Easy and flexible PCB panel testing
PCB panelization has become a trend in electronic manufacturing in recent years, because of its power to save on resources. When it comes to testing on the panel, however, many refrained, as long as faults could come back into the board during the separation process. There are now consistent solutions available that facilitate the overall process and are flexibly adaptable.

Very complex or computationally intensive test processes can be sped up by using a second PC. The test programs are automatically transferred from the coordinator PC to the other computers and thus kept up-to-date. The coordinator and test program are based on a modular system that can be flexibly adapted to individual requirements.

Finding and resolving faults

If faults are discovered during the panel test, it is important that they can be assigned to the correct individual PCBs. Here, the failure import module of the QMAN repair software uses intelligent procedures to clearly assign failures to the respective board. This ensures that faults detected in the panel test can be quickly found on the individual circuit and can therefore be repaired at low cost.

It becomes clear: The test professionals have seen the challenges in the market and developed consistent solutions for them. It was important to them that they could be used with just the push of a button for standard test tasks. At the same time, however, a solution was created that can be flexibly adapted to individual needs. Whether for simple or complex test applications, the system supports the user perfectly throughout the entire process from panel creation, through test debugging, to tests and final documentation.

About Digitaltest

As a leading partner in the electronics industry, Digitaltest GmbH (Stutensee, Germany) has been developing and producing automated test systems (ATE) for electronic circuit boards, software for automating production, and quality management systems for nearly 40 years. Digitaltest is known for innovative solutions for optimizing the entire manufacturing process – as an interface between CAD, the testing process, and production itself. We also offer comprehensive service and support, including complete outsourcing of PCB testing at Digitaltest locations around the world. Digitaltest’s software and hardware products are used in many key industries, including aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, medical, and industrial and consumer electronics. With more than 2,500 installations worldwide, the company is a proven industry partner. Contact: info@digitaltest.de


About the authors:

Martin Bader is Director Sales/Customer support at Digitaltest.

Jürgen Holzinger is CITE Product Manager at Digitaltest.

Olaf Rohrbacher is C-LINK/QMAN Product Manager at Digitaltest.

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