Chipset-specific IPDs simplify development of next-gen wireless IoT apps

January 08, 2021 // By Johanson Technology
Chipset-specific IPDs simplify development of next-gen wireless IoT apps
Miniaturized, front-end Integrated Passive Devices (IPDs) are specifically designed to seamlessly connect with Semtech’s LoRa® SX1261, SX1262, and LLCC68 chipsets.

For the next generation of low-cost, battery operated, wireless IoT products, the design goal is to provide exceptional RF signal range and stability, while also reducing power consumption, in a miniaturized package. As a result, leading RF chipset and component manufacturers are increasingly fine-tuning and improving their products to do just that.

According to Semtech’s web site, LoRa® and LoRaWAN® are already the “de facto technology for Internet of Things (IoT) networks worldwide” and will provide long-range connectivity for a variety of IoT applications including next generation “smart” everything – cities, homes, buildings, agriculture, metering, supply chain and logistics, and others.

To accomplish this PCB effective-area reduction task, leading chipset manufacturers like Semtech create reference designs – technical blueprints of a system – that third parties can adapt and modify as required for their products’ applications.

The reference design serves as proof of the platform concept and is usually targeted for specific uses. The goal is to fast track products to market by using Johanson’s front-end solutions, thereby reducing risk in the OEM’s integration project.

“The starting point is the chipset, but the chipset requires specific RF circuitry to connect to the antenna,” explains Manuel Carmona of Johanson Technology, a leader in high frequency ceramic components including chip antennas, integrated filters/baluns, High Q capacitors and EMI chip filters.

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