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March 07, 2017 //By Tony Armstrong, Linear Technology
ADAS Demand Multi-Rail DC/DC Converters
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, commonly known as ADAS, facilitate safe driving and warn the driver if the system detects risks from surrounding objects – whatever they might be. These systems are one of the major trends in automobiles for the second half of this decade.

As can be seen in Figure 1, its quad channel design combines two high voltage 2.5A and 1.5A channels with two lower voltage 1.8A channels to deliver four independent outputs, delivering voltages as low as 0.8V, enabling it to drive the lowest voltage microprocessor cores currently available. Its synchronous rectification topology delivers up to 94% efficiency while Burst Mode operation keeps quiescent current under 30µA (all channels on) in no-load standby conditions making it ideal for always-on systems.

Figure 1.  LT8602 Schematic Delivering 5V, 3.3V, 1.8V & 1.2V Outputs

The LT8602’s switching frequency can be programmed from 250kHz to 2MHz and synchronized throughout this range. Its 60ns minimum on-time enables 16VIN to 2.0VOUT step-down conversions on the high voltage channels with a 2MHz switching frequency. As the high voltage VOUT2 channel feeds the two low voltage channels (VOUT3 and VOUT4), these can deliver outputs as low as 0.8V while also switching at 2MHz, offering a very compact (~25mm x 25mm) quad output solution.

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