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October 10, 2016 //By Hannes Birk and Sigmund Zaruba, Infineon Technologies
Accurate 3D Measurement of Magnetic Fields for Automotive Gear Selector
The TLE493D-W1B6 magnetic sensor provides accurate three-dimensional (3D) magnetic field measurement, extremely low energy consumption and integrated magnetic field alert functionality. Potential automotive applications for this technology are gear selectors, control elements, top column modules and applications involving linear movements or angle measurement.
the TLE493D-W1B6 is suitable for use in applications that must detect regular changes in position while using very little power. In addition, it allows the realization of precise, energy-saving system concepts that can be activated by a sensor alert. The sensor’s magnetic field alert, for example, can be used to wake up the microcontroller from its power-saving “sleep” mode. This alert is triggered whenever a change of the magnet’s position alters the magnetic field.

The sensor is equipped with a digital output that uses a two-wire I²C standard interface. This allows high communication speed and bus mode.

Qualified in accordance with the AEC-Q100 automotive standard, the device allows customer systems to comply with the highest quality standards and various environmental regulations. In addition, all relevant ISO 26262 documents are provided in order to fulfill functional safety system requirements.

Architecture and Primary Features

The sensor architecture consists of three primary function units (Figure 2) – power mode control unit, sensor unit and communication unit.

Figure 2: TLE493D-W1B6 block diagram

The power mode control unit serves to distribute energy in the integrated circuit (IC) as well as controlling sensor activation.

The sensor unit, which contains the vertical and horizontal Hall plates and a temperature sensor, measures the magnetic field in the x, y, and z directions. Use of vertical Hall plates for both planar magnetic field components (x and y direction) allows the sensor to achieve outstanding magnetic reconciliation accuracy (±1 %), enabling precise angle measurements. Each x, y, and z Hall plate is connected in series to a multiplexer which is connected to an analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The temperature sensor is also connected to the multiplexer and can be activated if desired.

The microcontroller always has access to the communication unit through an I 2C interface and to the register data in order to read out the register values. Values for the three axes and the temperature are stored in

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