HMM & AHA will go like 'VrooOOOmmmm

July 07, 2019 // By Wisse Hettinga

Welcome to the wonderful world of 'HMM & AHA'. They live in a small digital space, no more than 1920 x1080 pixels. Most days of the week their space is closed, but some days they open up their window and with little hindrance or understanding they give their expert opinion on technology, management and businesses.

Enjoy the space

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Hmm - AHA, you cannot use the ‘vrooommm’ sound for an EV!

AHA - Why not, it is the ultimate visualisation of the sound of a car!

Hmm - But it will sound weird!

AHA - Weird? A noiseless car that makes a sound - that is weird!

FYI - from July 1, 2019, all new types of electric and hybrid vehicles in the European Union (EU) must be equipped with an Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS).

eeNews - always soundproof


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