Power MOSFET packages for high current designs

July 12, 2021 // By Infineon Technologies
Power MOSFET packages for high current designs

You work on products requiring a high current rating, ruggedness, and extended lifetime? And you ask yourself what would be the right power MOSFET technology to achieve the highest efficiency and power density.

Next to Infineon’s well-established TO-Leadless package (TOLL), the newly introduced TO-Leaded with gullwing (TOLG) and TO-Leaded top-side cooling (TOLT) packages offer excellent thermal cycling on board performance (TCoB) and superior thermal behavior.

Read this white paper to learn which of the three available packages is the right fit for your design and why the Infineon TOLx package family, available in OptiMOS™ 5 technology, is particularly suitable for applications such as battery management systems (BMS), light electric vehicles (LEVs), e-scooters, forklifts, power and gardening tools, and hot-swap.

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