UV curing chamber complements 3D printing tool chain

January 23, 2017 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
3D printing vendor XYZprinting is complementing its product range with am UV curing chamber. The machine allows prototype designers and other professional 3D printing users to cure resin products. Besides complementing XYZprinting’s SLA and DLP product families, the curing chamber is compatible to resin-based printed objects generated by numerous 3D printers available on the market.

The XYZprinting UV curing chamber is equipped with a turntable and an inner mirror that reflects the ultraviolet radiation for higher efficiency. A 24 watts ultraviolet light source emitting even and concentrated radiation circles the print object every 30 seconds, making sure the photopolymer resin print object is irradiated evenly from all sides. Curing increases hardness and durability of the printed objects. At the same time, they are cleaned and dried for a smooth finish.

With a sleek, elegant design, the curing chamber is suited for use in the laboratory, the personal working space or even in the office. Despite its very compact design, it can be applied to objects with a site of 180 millimeters in diameter and a height of 200 millimeters. The UV light covers the wavelength between 370 and 405 nm. The UV light source is based on LED technology instead of the widespread mercury-based light source. This feature guarantees a service life of 10.000 operating hours. In addition, it does not generate ozone.

The curing chamber is available for 399 euros via XYZprinting’s dealership.

More information: www.eu.xyzprinting.com