Smart Living systems put through the acid test – via cloud service

February 16, 2017 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Developers and vendors of smart living equipment can now have their products tested according to the latest requirements: The VDE Test and Certifying Institute has developed Testsuite 2.0, a cloud-based service that puts smart home devices and technologies through its paces in terms of interoperability, IT security, data privacy and functional safety.

“With Testsuite 2.0, our experts can remotely perform tests regarding conformity and interoperability already during the development phase of new products and technologies by means of well-defined worst-case scenarios”, explained VDE CEO Ansgar Hinz. The applicability of these tests in an early phase ensures customers that their products meet the latest standards and requirements once they are entering the markets. Testsuite 2.0 can be applied to a broad range of products including devices, gateways, cloud services, Android and iOS apps on mobile terminals as well as complete Smart Living systems.

With Testsuite 2.0, the VDE institute is launching an all-new test offering for smart technologies. The services are offered to business customers who intend to market their products globally.

Along with launch of the new offering, the VDE institute as appointed an enhanced management team that has set five goals: They, first, intend to accompany their customer’s internationalization strategy regarding standards, services, and regions. Second, they strive to establish themselves as a systems-oriented services provider for testing and certifying of complex, connected customer products. Third, they want to map the digitization of customer products in its own services spectrum. Fourth, they will keep their own processes state-of-the-art in terms of digitization, and fifth, they will all skills and competencies align with the market demand.


For a test, the device-under-test gets connected to the VDE Access Devices (VAD) across local or wide-area network. Then, the DUT connects to the test portal across an encrypted line. Once this connection has been established, customers can execute diverse test scenarios, running on the VDE IOP Remote Testing Portal. These applications are controlled via the user’s browser. Also in the browser, the user can follow the test protocol. After completion, the VDE institute is offering detailed log files and an HTML report for download.

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