Next-gen hyperconnected car coming in 2019, say Cisco, Hyundai

January 11, 2018 // By Rich Pell
Networking giant Cisco (San Jose, CA) has announced that it is working with Hyundai Motor Company (Seoul, South Korea) to "create the future of the next-generation car."

Specifically, they are working on an open, highly secure communications platform that will be included in 2019 Hyundai cars. Featuring Ethernet connectivity and an automotive Linux platform, the in-vehicle network will be designed to provide secure access to data in the vehicle, as well as over-the-air updates, and will have the flexibility to design and build new services.

According to the companies, who originally announced plans to develop a vehicle with a new approach to communication in 2016, the network will help create the world of autonomous cars in the future. In addition, they say, it will also eliminate the weight of the wiring harness in cars, which can account for up to a hundred pounds.

The new network, say the companies, sets the stage for adaptive technologies. It offers integrated, multi-layer security, as well as full end-to-end networking – allowing for true sensor integration. It will also enable new, high-speed services through an integration layer between software and legacy hardware.

The use of first-generation solutions to enable 1-Gbps Ethernet will significantly increase in-vehicle bandwidth. The solutions, the companies say, will provide flexibility, lower costs, and improved security. By enabling IP and Ethernet services, legacy buses and devices will work together with the new Ethernet attached devices and services.

"Cisco is pleased to bring a standards-based approach in partnership with the automotive industry; one that will help accelerate innovation and increase the value to the consumer," says Ruba Borno, Vice President, Growth Initiatives and Chief of Staff to CEO, Cisco. "By creating a flexible, scalable, and secure platform, we are allowing automotive companies to deliver better cars – faster."

"Our partnership with Cisco is an outstanding example of such efforts," says Seung-ho Hwang, Executive Vice President and Head of Hyundai Motor Group's Auto Intelligence Business Department. "And in 2019 we will unveil the first vehicle equipped with groundbreaking connected-car technologies jointly developed by the two companies."

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