IoT security solution protects energy companies against cyberattacks

May 15, 2018 // By Rich Pell
Industrial IoT blockchain-based security company Xage Security (Palo Alto, CA) has launched an industrial security solution that incorporates the company's new patented, tamperproof fingerprinting technology.

The solution - called Xage for Energy - is designed to enable energy companies to solve operational and security challenges arising from increasing levels of connectivity and cyberattacks. It applies distributed and scalable security to existing legacy systems, and offers systemic tamperproofing to ensure secure operations for companies reliant on DCS, SCADA, RTU, and HMI Systems.

Such legacy systems, says the company, are unable to protect themselves against increasing cyberattacks, currently growing by 250% a year. Instead, says Xage, to achieve secure and efficient operations, energy companies must apply scalable application-layer solutions that protect against single points of security failure.

"To adopt IoT connectivity without gross security risk, distributed tamperproofing is needed," says Duncan Greatwood, CEO of Xage. "Otherwise the benefits of IoT will be wiped out by the costs of cybersecurity outages. The cost of each cyberattack in crew time, equipment updates, restart expenses and production delays is many times the price of effective cyber defence – and the risk of a larger attack wiping out production across thousands of wells, solar facilities, or wind farms makes connected, tamperproof systems a necessity."

The company's security fabric already enables remote authentication and secure device access, allowing operators to add, remove, and control resources securely. Xage for Energy uses fingerprinting technology to extend tamperproofing to the thousands of controllers and devices making up distributed energy operations. If an unauthorized change is made, the Xage fabric will flag and isolate the affected device, securing the network against malware attacks that are otherwise undetectable.

Xage for Energy benefits include:

  • Xage Systemic Tamperproofing blocks cyberattacks against HMI/DCS/RTU/SCADA systems
  • Edge Authentication & Identity enables any-to-any application-level security, access control, and data exchange, maximizing uptime and protecting against rogue devices.
  • Role-Based Access Control and auditable remote maintenance resolves problems, minimizes downtime, and saves on truck rolls.
  • Device Lifecycle Management enables device discovery, enrollment, and lifecycle management, with no preconfiguration or staging required.
  • Secure IoT operation in

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