Data recorder, software target infrastructure monitoring

May 16, 2017 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
With the QuantumX data acquisition system and the Catman software, HBM Test and Measurement GmbH (HBM) offers a comprehensive infrastructure monitoring package for data collection on bridges, tunnels, wind power plants and other structures. Particular flexibility is achieved by a function which makes it possible to carry out different measurements in parallel, using only one data recorder.

Up to 15 different measurement tasks can be recorded and stored autonomously at a total measuring rate of up to 5 MS / s per data recorder. Catman allows the channel numbers and measurement rates to be individually set for each measurement, as well as the start and end conditions to be controlled separately. Thus, complex tasks such as monitoring several railroad tracks or lanes of a bridge are easier to realize and the user has more flexibility to capture data specifically and efficiently.


In addition, Catman generates a separate file for each measurement task, which can be stored locally and automatically loaded onto an FTP server. For subsequent analysis, the software offers comprehensive functions such as signal computations, frequency analysis and intelligent data compression.


A core component of the infrastructure package is the HBM Push app. It informs the user about specific events on the object, regardless of the location, by pushing a message on the smartphone. Users can select in the Catman software which events they wish to be notified of. By sharing the push ID, additional users can also receive this information. Security is also guaranteed because the transmission of all messages is encrypted. The app is available free of charge.


Besides infrastructure monitoring, These and other features of Catman 5.0 are also suitable for vehicle driving tests and endurance tests at test stands as well as for operational strength analyses and tests during the development phase.


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