Connected bakeware lets anyone bake a perfect cake

October 12, 2017 // By Rich Pell
FirstBuild - a co-creation community backed by appliance company GE Appliances (Louisville, KY) - has introduced connected bakeware that notifies users when the baked goods have reached the ideal temperature.

Announced at the recent Smart Kitchen Summit in Seattle, the initial Precision Bakeware product - a cake pan - features a removable sensor that connects to GE Wi-Fi-enabled ovens. The sensor monitors the internal temperature of the food while it bakes, and sends an alert to the user's device when the food has reached the proper temperature.

"This is the first known integration between bakeware, ovens, and smartphone apps, that allows anyone to bake the perfect cake based on the ideal finished temperature of the food,” says Larry Portaro, Director, FirstBuild. "And you don't have to hover over your oven with a thermometer or toothpick to get there. You can walk away and wait for your smartphone app or your GE Appliances oven to let you know when your cheesecake is done just right.”

Currently the company says it's using its prototypes to test and develop traditionally difficult-to-bake items such as cheesecakes and quiches with good results. Other products in the line may eventually include connected cookware for bread, pies, and other baked goods.

FirstBuild is described as an online community of engineers, designers, makers and home enthusiasts that takes ideas like this and makes them a reality for consumers. The Precision Bakeware product line is expected to become commercially available on the FirstBuild website in early 2018 and will be designed to work with GE Appliances’ connected ovens.


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