12-bit sin/cos interpolator IC supports up to 4000 increments per revolution

November 12, 2017 // By Julien Happich
iC-Haus' iC-PI is a 12-bit sin/cos interpolator IC that supports optical and magnetic length and angle gauges as well as sensor controlled brushless motor commutation.

The device provides an A/D conversion with a tracking latency of less than 250ns and offers a sine resolution of up to 4000 edges per AB cycle (binary: 4096). AB output frequency is up to 10MHz, with a minimum AB transition distance of 25ns. The transition distance can be preselected to optimize the interference immunity of the position encoder. Encoder signals are supplemented by a generated index signal whose position, width, and logic can be set as required. At the same time a patented signal conditioning unit provides glitch-free quadrature signals with hysteresis which always maintain a preset minimum transition distance.

The fault-tolerant on-chip RS422 driver outputs incremental signals (ABZ) and commutation signals (UVW) to ensure a reliable data transfer. The dual-core design of the device allows to generate precise binary or decimal resolutions without systematic pitch errors. An I 2C interface allows for absolute angle measurements. After the sensor head has been attached to the scale, sensor errors can be corrected. All of the chip’s major functions are monitored and can be configured for alarm indication. The iC-PI comes in a 6.5x6.4mm 20-pin TSSOP housing. It operates from a +5V supply (max. 35mA) within a -40 to +100° temperature range.

iC-Haus - www.ichaus.de

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